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  1. Kathleen Reins

    Dear Mary,

    I live in Owasso, Oklahoma, USA.
    I was Googling ‘News from Australia’ and saw Kate’s article about Anna.
    I am sorry for her pain and yours.

    I Googled and found your website.

    Your life’s story is remarkable, full of the good, the bad and the very ugly.

    Your writing is exquisite, please don’t stop.

    Thank you for sharing.

    A New Fan

  2. Jim

    You were my date for the senior prom (in that town whose name must not be spoken). My wife (of 37 years) has heard me speak of you. I am happy (as you seem to be). Amazing, isn’t it?

    – Jim (not that other name, which also must not be spoken).

    P.S. My Email nom-de-plume is a literary reference

  3. Kathleen

    Hi Mary pershall
    My name is Kathleen from Essendon primary school
    I am in year 5 and I really love your book two weeks in grade six it has a really good ending I thought that Shelley and Kaitlin will be friends but no.

    Do you have any books that are like two weeks in grade six?

    Please answer this

    From Kathleen

    1. Post author

      Hi Kathleen,

      So glad to hear you enjoyed TWIGS. My daughter, Anna, and I wrote two more books with Kaitlin as the narrator. They are ‘A Term in Year Seven’ and ‘Escape from Year Eight’.

      Let us know what you think of Kaitlin as she grows up.



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