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Woo hoo! Does this mean I'm an 'internationally acclaimed author'? My Ruby Clair trilogy was published in the Czech Republic and Slovakia in 2013.

Books published by Penguin unless otherwise indicated

2011:  The Dog Stole my Brain, Aussie Chomp co-authored with daughter Katherine. Eleven-year-old Jake longs to switch his life with someone who’s got fewer problems ... but he didn’t mean his dog!

2010:  A Ghost at School.  Third in a series featuring Ruby Clair, a Year 7 Collingwood fan who hears from people who’ve passed on.  Ruby’s experiences are loosely based on my own.

2009:  Ruby Clair:  Ghost with a Message  

2008:  Ruby Clair:  The Trouble with Ghosts

2007:  Escape from Year Eight.   Third in a trilogy co-authored with daughter Anna, who was then a teenager herself.  Like us, our narrator Kaitlin agonises over how far she should go to fit in.  But she has some fun in this book when her mum takes her to the wilds of Iowa for a taste of American life.

2005:  A Term in Year Seven. Determined not to be a loser in high school, Kaitlin abandons her dorky pals to hobnob with the cool girls.

2005:  Making Jamie Normal.  Whoopee, two books in one year!   This Aussie Chomp is based on the relationship between my daughters.  Alex wants younger sister Jamie to stop pretending to be David Attenborough and take some interest in body piercing.


2003:  Two Weeks in Grade Six.  Kaitlin’s first appearance exposes the dramas that happen around a Grade Six worktable.  Amidst the humour lies the heartbreak of girl bullying.

2001:  Asking for Trouble, young adult novel.   Includes naughty incidents I investigated during my years as a roving assistant principal.  (Names and locations changed, of course).

1998Too Much to Ask For, an Aussie Bite co-written with 11-year-old daughter Katherine.   Based on her longing to be popular.  Has sold 23,000 copies.

1993:  Stormy.  A fictionalised portrait of an amazing girl from my farm neighbourhood.  But Stormy is more than a neighbour to me.  She's my little sister!  Aged eight when her mother died, she was more or less abandoned by her dad.  But she was smart and determined, and she prevailed.

1992:  A Long Way Home.  Story of the central decision of my life, disguised as an adult novel.  Seemed like a good idea at the time ...

1988:  You Take the High Road.  Young adult novel.  Sam is plunged into dark places when her baby brother drowns.  Shortlisted for CBC Book of the Year for older readers.

1988:  Hello, Barney!  Children’s picture book.  A boy and his pet cockatoo grow old together.  Illustrated with gorgeous paintings by Mark Wilson.


1987:  Oz Rock.   Nonfiction for younger teens.  Macmillan.

1980:  Shopkeepers.  Title in a non-sexist careers series for children and teenagers.  Sugar and Snails Press.

Anthologies:  My work has appeared in Goodbye and Hello (Penguin), Made in Australia (Oxford University Press), Into the Future (Penguin), Absolutely Rapt (Oxford University Press), Inner Cities (Penguin) and The Kids’ Own Book of Stories and Things to Do (Nelson with McPhee Gribble).

Freelance articles and stories:   published in The Age, The Herald Sun, Women’s Weekly, Cosmopolitan, Cleo, Woman’s World, The Des Moines Register, Good Reading and Prevention.

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  1. Darcie

    Dear Katherine,

    My name is Darcie I go to school in South Australia and I have just read “Too much to ask for”. I like the characters in this book, I was wondering how you came up with their names? My favourite character is Hannah, because she is nice and she is kind and caring, which is someone that I can relate to.

    I find it interesting you were raised in the United States and are now living in our country. I was wondering which state you live in?

    From Darcie


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