I’m Mary


Here’s my new baby. Isn’t she


Yet this is a memoir that, even three years ago, I could never have imagined I would need to write.  In its pages I have tried to answer this horrifying question: how did our beautiful and cherished daughter Anna end up in a maximum security prison convicted of murder?

Ever since I was a young teenager with a secret and brutal eating disorder, writing has been my way of trying to understand life, so as my husband John says, publishing our story was inevitable.  But I also hope to be a voice for other parents who are trying with every resource they have to help their beloved children through the harrowing days and nights of mental illness and addiction.

Actually I wrote this book for many reasons, but financial gain is not one of them.  My family and I have decided to donate all proceeds to charities which help people with mental illness and addiction, including those who are or have been incarcerated.  Charities we’ve chosen so far are Beyond Blue, Prison Network and Uniting ReGen.

‘A Mother’s Memoir of Madness and Murder.’  Published by Penguin Random House, August 2018.  Physical book available at book shops in Australia.  Audiobook and ebook published worldwide.

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About Me

Grew up on a farm in Iowa, heart of the United States corn belt.
Escaped to Australia as a freshly graduated teacher in 1974.
From 1977 to 1988, edited and wrote articles for Pursuit, Challenge, Explore and Comet magazines, published by the Victorian Education Dept.
First daughter born in October 1985.


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